Pfb Vanish Chromabright

I’ve had a lot of problems with ingrown hairs and the discoloration that follows. As an African American I pigment very easily from blemishes, acne, and ingrown hairs. I traded shaving for sugaring/waxing, stopped tweezing my eyebrows and started getting them threaded, I exfoliate more often, and now I’m into products that assist with ingrown hair removal. I started out using “Cool Fix” which I’ve previously done a review on and I loved it. It made extracting my ingrown hairs easier, the gel formula was soothing, and it did a great job at exfoliating. The only issue I had was that I was still discolored.

I was referred this product by my esthetician during one of my sessions. When I got it home I read the directions and immediately put it to use. So far so good, I like that it’s a roller ball so I don’t have to worry about creating a mess every where and it makes application convenient. I’ve been using it now for over two months and I think I see all the results it promised. My skin is actually starting to lighten (not in an MJ way) and even out and I rarely have huge ingrowns like I used to! The directions state to use this product twice daily. I started off using it twice daily but had to lessen my use because my skin starting peeling pretty bad but I guess that’s how you get rid of discoloration and uproot ingrown hairs.

That being said, this is a great product which costs about the same as the “Cool Fix” which was around $22-25.  I will continue to use this product and replace it once I run out or something better comes along. 😉


Have you found your “HG” ingrown hair fix?

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6 thoughts on “Pfb Vanish Chromabright

  1. Evelyne says:

    My eyebrows get extremely dry, what can I use for this? Thank you!!

  2. Toya says:

    So peeling is a good thing. I am African American and mind has been peeling brown

    • msbell22 says:

      Yes, peeling is a good thing because it gets rid of the old discolored skin faster. If the peeling is too much for you, I would cut down on the usage. Thank you for stopping by!!!

  3. Trecia says:

    Any further update on the Chromabright? Does it brighten the complexion?

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